Intoxicated Love

they say a drunk mind speaks a sober heart
is there truth behind a drunken man’s words?
inherently flawless and fully grounded
I guess the stories must be false then
because when he was drunk, he said no
but when I screamed, it meant nothing
because I was sober and he was not
if men are under the influence its excused
like hitting women and innocent children
but if a female has truth serum in her veins
of course, she must have been asking for it
but the person you know is so different
quicker to say what they are thinking
amplifying the suspicions of their addiction
reacting in anger to something you did wrong
you don’t really mean it, but you blurt it out
alcoholics don’t think before they speak
whatever is on their lungs is on their tongues
they say drunk talk isn’t nonsense
yet you shoved your words down my throat
a double-edged sword of threats and misery
but of course, you can’t control yourself
couldn’t possibly restrain from pure rage
finding the means of an end at the bottom of a bottle
after all, women are merely just vessels
for men to take until we’re empty and alone
you refused to drink because you hate the truth
but when I call for justice, you call for pain
your actions are impulsive inhibitions
that poison themselves to death

Photo by Roberto Carlos Roman on Unsplash

Published: Medium


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