Describing A Sunset To A Blind Person

It’s the warm sun kissing your skin, the gentle tickle of walking on the damp sand. It’s the evening November breeze, rustling in steady breaths. Where laughter and song-birds fill your heart with awe, hope and dreams, it’s the pure fragrance of summer grasses and meadow flowers. It’s the reminder of the day gone past to prepare you for the night to come. It’s holding your favourite person’s hand when you are quiet and calm. It’s the embrace of having a soothing cup of tea with a loved one. It’s the soft nurturing petal of a rose. It’s stretched out cotton-candy blushing at the warm touch of the sun – continually dancing in the wind. It’s a dear friend you can’t see waving goodbye but knowing they’ll come back. It’s an anchor of love and safety. It’s ice cream melting in a warm porcelain bowl. It’s brushstrokes of watery paint that runs down the canvas, slowly, second by second, leisurely lowering itself towards the wilderness of the salty sea. It’s the rhythmic percussion of waves on the sand watching the horizon where heaven touches the earth. It’s an everyday adventure to look forward to – each time with a new and different sunset.

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

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