The In-Between Girl

My heart hurts from screaming “I’m over you”,
The way you got over me so quickly.
I was so sure you were fighting for us,
You always did that when you were with me.

I ended things to protect my own heart,
Always asked by friends, “You miss him, don’t you?”
I tired of fighting for your affection,
Did you love me, or was that a lie too?

I loved the trying, reaching, and failing.
I guess I wasn’t bold enough for you.
Was willing to ruin my good painting,
To recover the sweet love that we knew.

I was consistent, just what you needed,
Just a space-filler, a safe place to go.
Haunted by “what ifs” and promised futures,
Does that flame still burn? Does the fire glow?

Photo by Bella Huang on Unsplash

Published: Medium


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