Seven Hills RSL Donates $8,000 Worth of Chocolate

Earlier this week Seven Hills RSL donated $8,000 worth of chocolate to The Bandaged Bear Appeal who will distribute the chocolate to the kids and hardworking nurses at @westmeadkids Hospital and @sydney_kids Hospital at Randwick. The chocolate eggs will be quarantined for a period of 3 days before being distributed. 

RSL members had been wondering what happened to all the fabulous Easter Hampers the Club was going to give away this month which were originally intended to be raffled off at each of their five clubs (Seven Hills RSL, Blacktown Bowling Club, Fox Hills Golf Club, Pennant Hills Bowling Club and Penrith Golf Club).

Bringing some joy and positivity to those that need it most during this trying time. Photo: Seven Hills RSL.

The raffles did not go ahead due to clubs being forced to close temporarily. Shayne Kielar has been a member for over 30 years and knows that it needs to be closed for safety reasons.

“It’s an inconvenience that impacts not only myself but many people that rely on a place to go and catch up with friends and family. However, I’m looking forward to catching up with all my mates and the friendly staff upon reopening,” Kielar says.

“We know the shutdown has been put in place for the health and safety of our staff and our patrons and we look forward to the day we can put COVID-19 behind us, open our doors and come back stronger than ever as a valuable part of the Seven Hills community,” Said a spokesperson for Seven Hills RSL.

It was the General Manager, Joseph Bayssari’s idea to repurpose the Easter Hampers and give them to the Bandaged Bear Appeal. “The Club has had a long-standing community partnership with Westmead Children’s Hospital, so we naturally thought of them first. Not just to put a smile on the kid’s faces but to spread some joy to the nurses as well. They always work incredibly hard and especially now, we can only imagine that it would be extremely stressful to be putting themselves in the frontline and risking their health to save and care for others,” Said a spokesperson for Seven Hills RSL.

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Easter hampers ready for distribution to the kids and hardworking nurses. Photo: Seven Hills RSL.

Hassan Malik has been a member of the RSL Club since he moved to Seven Hills four years ago, “I think it’s always good to appreciate the hardworking staff and especially to those who help people and work hard they deserve it! Even more and most of all respect”, he said.

Ellie Hamley is a Seven Hills local and believes businesses that have closed temporarily due to COVID-19 should follow suit and donate leftover resources amid this pandemic.

“Where possible they should donate resources, particularly if they are perishable goods, and locals could benefit from them. The opportunity for businesses like RSL’s, or electronic stores to step up and help out is entirely within their power and should be encouraged,” Hamley says.

The club says they hopes this will bring some joy and positivity to those that need it most during this trying time.

“We wish the local community a very Happy Easter. Stay safe, stay at home, and make the most of this extra time spent with loved ones. Cherish every moment you have together,” Said a spokesperson for Seven Hills RSL.

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