7 Unethical Uni-Life Tips!

Use these ten tips to improve your uni-life in a meaningful way, perhaps at the expense of others and with questionable legality. Due to their nature, I advise against taking them seriously.

  1. If you are late to class, don’t worry about your bag, take your laptop and charger in your hand instead. It’ll look like you are coming from a meeting from another room. Or always blame the uni wifi and say that you had to go down to IT to get your account “unlocked.”
  2. Want to read unlimited starred articles on medium.com without a subscription? Just copy the URL of the article that you want to read and open it in incognito/private mode in your browser. Read as much as you want!
  3. Create a server on Discord with a music bot. Then make a youtube playlist with all your fav music. Queue your desired YouTube playlist into the bot. Enjoy uninterrupted music.
  4. Don’t feel like sharing a study room? Book one for a meeting, play some low-quality jazz music from your phone and if anyone asks what you’re doing, act frustrated and say you’re stuck on hold.
  5. Buy yourself a gift card or find a voucher for where you want to eat on campus. Mention it the next time your group of friends are deciding where to eat. People will feel obligated to go where you can use the gift card, allowing you to pick where the group goes.
  6. Wikipedia may not be a reputable source to draw info from for assignments, but nobody ever said anything about the sources that the Wikipedia article uses Get info from Wikipedia. Use the sources from the bottom.
  7. Hungry at a campus event with food trucks but don’t want to join the long queue? Walk up to the front of the line and tell the next person to be served that you’ll pay for their food if they order for you.

Published: W’SUP & Medium


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