How To Take Your UWS Love Letter To The Next Level

Expressing your deepest romantic feelings to your crush isn’t easy – It takes time, practice and patience to get it just right. Sarah Cupitt shares some useful guidelines and tips to help you craft a perfect letter and capture the heart of a potential date or friend!

Letter Prompts

When you begin your message, think about why you’re writing it in the first place. Has there been a special occasion, their birthday perhaps? Are you recounting a meet-cute? Did you get caught staring in class? You can also write one with no reason at all – or to show someone how much you appreciate someone after all, love letters aren’t just for romantic relationships after all!


Please approach love letters with caution and remain in a positive mindset to ensure your wellbeing. This article has no intentions of providing a false sense of hope and can not be held responsible for broken hearts. If you require counselling services, there are support options that are free and confidential for students.

Did You Know?

A meet-cute is a staple scene of rom-com in which two people who will form a future romantic duo meet for the first time, usually in unique, funny, or cute moments.

How To Structure Your Letter

  1. Talk about how you met or what you have in common that brought you together.
  2. Specify what you like about your special someone or what first attracted you to them – was it their character, confidence or did they happen to be super cute?
  3. Write about how you’ve changed since meeting them – Have you caught yourself off guard thinking about them? Do you get butterflies in your stomach? Have your friends started teasing you about your future lover?
  4. Close the letter by mentioning what you wish to the next step to be! Ask them out or encourage them to make the next move, or wait patiently for a response!

Advice From The UWS Love Letter Gurus

  • There are over 45,000 students at UWS, so use names or descriptions to make it easier!
  • Write several letters for your significant other (or their friends) to notice.
  • Be yourself, tell the truth, and don’t worry about being too ‘mushy.’
  • Inspire yourself by looking at artwork or listening to music!
  • Include images of movie references or poems to spice things up!
  • Don’t shy away from bringing up the future.
  • Include specific reasons you’re crazy about your special someone or focus on all of their traits!
  • Say something you wouldn’t say IRL if you’re shy.
  • Reflect on some memories you both share!

If your crush goes to this uni, you can always upload your love letter to UWS Love Letter page in the hopes of getting their attention. You can keep it anonymous or sign your name to it if you’re brave enough. And remember, not all love letters have to be romantic – you can express your love and appreciation for your friends, staff, and student clubs as well!

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