You bound my heart and wandering mind,
Forty-nine days of secrets and lies.
I mistook your lust for politeness,
A rhapsody of aches, tears and sighs.

I blame you for the first fourteen days,
When four people became six, then nine.
Your ignorance and violent ways,
Making me vomit your poisoned wine.

Twenty days of tyrannical reign,
Of reading your delusional ways.
Thirty-six fine lines of love and crime,
Governing my nights and clouded days.

My growing up shouldn’t be a sin,
Hearing your voice controlling my mind.
I pity your perfect disturbed soul,
And how you paint your minions half-blind.

Forty-nine more till I can escape,
Robbed of reason and finding the truth.
Your beautiful lies drowned me in hope,
Thinking your smile would be my freedom.

Published: Medium


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