The Poster Girl Inspires

Adi sent me a heartfelt message today that The Fiji Times published my article! The article is about Adi, a Fijian mother-of-two who’s become the poster child for social justice inspiring a whole community in Australia. She’s become immortalised in a mural that reflects her story about seeking justice for those without a voice. She was inspired to become a human rights lawyer after her involvement as an activist in the Free West Papua Movement and volunteering for Amnesty International. She and I both hope that her journey to university will inspire and motivate others to pursue their aspirations and be empowered through education, to find their purpose and drive the social, cultural and environmental change they wish to see in the world. I wrote this article as an assignment, but it’s an inspirational message that I believe also belongs in the home where her passion for social justice emerged.

Adi’s story of strength and determination makes it to The Fiji Times. Photo: Adi Holmes

Published: The Fiji Times, May 2019


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